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Since 2017 it has been an ambition for OKTO Acoustics to develop a wireless, data-driven variable acoustics system to allow multifunctional performance halls and studios to offer truly optimal acoustics for any type of event. Whether the room is going to be used for giving lectures, playing symphonic, rhythmical or electronic music, our goal has been to make it possible to adjust the acoustical properties of any room to obtain a beautiful and clear acoustic soundscape.

This is now possible with OKTO – the world’s first wireless, data-driven variable acoustics system.


A Highly Interconnected Wireless System

The OKTO variable acoustics system is comprised of numerous acoustically absorbing and diffracting wireless modules. Each module consists of three interchangeable layers: a proprietary variable absorbing unit, a variable shutter to determine the amount of reflection and an acoustically transparent cover for designing the aesthetic appearance of the module.

The modules are configured wirelessly to set varying amounts of absorption and diffraction over variable low, mid and high frequency ranges - or turned completely reflective.

With several modules mounted on the walls and ceiling of a room, the acoustics can be shaped to a desirable response within an instant. This is possible as the modules cover a large surface area which can be adjusted parametrically through a wireless platform, efficiently tuning the absorption, reflection and diffraction of specific surfaces.

Variable Reverberation Times

Data-Driven Approach

With the OKTO system, acoustic treatment takes a sophisticated step towards a data-driven approach, where variable acoustics meets room acoustic modelling. Each wireless module comes with integrated sensors for measuring room response across the entire sound-field of a room as well as dynamic properties within each module. The measurements are used to calibrate the modules for that specific room, all done wirelessly over WiFi and controlled by a simple user-interface from our smartphone app. Once the modules are calibrated for the room, a user can select a suitable treatment for truly optimal acoustics.

Examples to the right are from our test facility showing an assembly of modules configured to different uses. Get in touch with us for more information!

Adaptive Response

As the interior of a room changes, so will the acoustical response. OKTO allows automatic compensation of room response for changing environments, such as, the effect of audience densities and characteristics of a performer’s sound system. Objective sound quality measures are readily available to improve clarity, strength and spaciousness of a room for a suitable response. These are all accessible and can be evaluated through our smartphone control app designed specifically to allow sound technicians, musicians and acoustic consultants to configure and validate a desired acoustic response.


Temporal adjustments are possible in conjunction with external hardware for cinemas and music composers. We are currently working on interfaces for different uses, and looking for collaborations for sound studios.

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Our system has been conceived, developed and matured at Lydens Hus in Copenhagen following a pitch competition in 2017. The system will be available as the first installment is carried out for a music production facility in Copenhagen early 2019.

Whether you are a musician, sound technician, acoustician, architect or simply interested in knowing more, we’d love to hear from you. Fill out the form below, and we’ll invite you for a demo. Read more on www.oktoacoustics.io.

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